Sourcewise Emergency Nutrition Program Expansion

set-of-hands-reaching-for-packed-trays-of-foodSince incorporation in 1973, Sourcewise has provided direct services and support to older adults in Santa Clara County (SCC). Sourcewise continues to support seniors and caregivers as we expand our reach to include persons with disabilities and all adults in SCC.

One of the services has been our long-standing Meals on Wheels (MOW) program. Sourcewise MOW provides home-delivered meals to homebound seniors aged 60 years or older and who have no additional support in obtaining or preparing meals on their own.

Given the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has had an unprecedented impact across the globe, Sourcewise has expanded its support services through two additional emergency response programs to increase access to home-delivered meals.

Since the program’s inception in late April 2020, the Great Plates Delivered Program (GPDP) has been a Silicon Valley Strong initiative that partners with local restaurants to feed vulnerable populations and homebound adults aged 65 years or older in SCC. Eligible participants will receive two meals a day, five days a week. With over 1,200 participants, the GPDP currently has nine participating restaurants and continues to grow as the need for this program continues to extend.

In partnership with the City of San Jose through the Collective Impact Grant, Sourcewise has expanded our MOW program to offer San Jose Together Meals on Wheels. The program serves adults aged 18 years or older who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or exposed to the virus, and/or are disabled, aged 65 or older under certain household income limits, and living in San Jose. The program aims at increasing access to meals in areas experiencing higher rates of COVID-19 cases while targeting diverse communities and raising awareness. Eligible participants can expect to receive a weekly delivery containing five frozen dinner entrees, a fresh salad, a sandwich, in addition to milk, produce, bread, and cold breakfasts for the entire week.

To learn more about these emergency nutrition programs, visit to complete the Eligibility & Intake for Emergency Nutrition Programs form.


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