October 13, 2021
By Membership Committee of Sourcewise Advisory Council
Type of News: Fall 2021, Newsletter

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Become a Community Advocate for Older Adults

The Sourcewise Advisory Council plays a vital role in advocating for the diverse needs of older adults in Santa Clara County. Members of the Advisory Council participate in planning future services provided and funded by Sourcewise. Members are involved in the development and tracking of legislation affecting older adults at all levels of government. For example, several members of the Advisory Council serve on the California Senior Legislature, where new legislation supporting older adults is developed and lobbied each year.

At the monthly Advisory Council meetings, members discuss senior and caregiver community activities, exchange information about upcoming events, and learn about programs and services provided by Sourcewise. Guest speakers inform members of current needs and issues facing older adults. Tom, Advisory Council member states, “A major benefit of serving on the council is learning about the broad array of programs and services to help older adults in the county.”

Members represent the diverse cultural and ethnic communities, cities and supervisor districts within the county. Members inform the council of community needs and activities and report to their communities on the activities of Sourcewise. They also serve on committees that advocate for specific needs, such as health or transportation. Serving on the Advisory Council is an opportunity to make friends and work with a group of passionate advocates and their communities.

We invite you to learn more about the Advisory Council by visiting mysourcewise.com/support-sourcewise/advisory-council/ or contact Elizabeth Brown, Area Planner, at ebrown@mysourcewise.com or call (408) 350-3200, option 1 for information about membership opportunities.


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