An elderly female hand holds a mock United States government Medicare Health Insurance card.

Extra Help for Part D

What are the “Extra Help” Programs?

Extra Help (Low Income Subsidy) is a program that can help lower your costs for Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.
HICAP can help you apply: HICAP counseling appointments.

You can also apply directly through Social Security:

Depending on the level of Extra Help that you’re eligible for you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • $0 or reduced premium on your prescription drug plan
  • $0-$99 deductible on your drug plan
  • No coverage gap
  • Low co-payments or reduced (15%) coinsurance on your medications
  • Can change Part D plan or Medicare Advantage plan quarterly

If you first qualify for Extra Help in July or after, it will be good for the rest of that year as well as the following year.

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