A female caregiver assists an older woman whom is sitting down.

Linkages Program

The Linkages Program provides care and case management services offered by a Social Work Care Manager to older adults who may be frail, low-income, and adults 18 or older who may be functionally impaired to avoid and/or delay placement in a nursing facility. The Linkages Program is offered within the Care Management Department at Sourcewise.

The Linkages Program may be an alternative care and case management option for older adults or adults with functional impairment who may not be eligible for the Multipurpose Senior Services Program or CalAim Enhanced Care Management services.

Who We Serve

Adults 18 years and older who may be functionally impaired and adults 60 or older or are frail and low-income are prioritized who are not currently receiving duplicative case and care management services and are at risk of institutionalization. At risk means that the individual meets one of the following criteria outlined below:

  • Impairment with completing one or more Activities of Daily Living (ADL); or
  • Impairment with completing two or more instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL); or
  • Unable to manage his/her own affairs due to emotional and/or cognitive impairment; or
  • Be impaired by virtue of a significant event or circumstance that has occurred within the past 12 months

To learn more about the Linkages Program and learn whether you or someone you know is eligible please contact a Community Resource Specialist at (408) 350-3200, option 1 or complete the Contact Us form to start the conversation with our team.

Let’s Get Started

The Linkages Program at Sourcewise offers eligible individuals care and case management services provided by a qualified Social Work Case Manager.

Services provided include:

  • Client assessment with the development of a service plan with eligible adult and/or appropriate person to provide needs identified through assessment.
  • Authorization and arrangement for the purchase of services, or referrals with follow-up to services which may include coordination to services offered directly by Sourcewise, within the community or by third-party vendor and are determined during development of the service plan.
  • Service and client monitoring to determine that the services obtained are appropriate to needs and acceptable of quality and provided in a timely manner.
  • Short-term specialized assistance as needed, and may include one-time-only assistance in securing community resources, counseling and arrangement of an action plan to ensure the client remains most independent living arrangement permitted by his or her functional abilities.

Based on the eligible individual’s situation, the Linkages Program Social Work Care Manager may include interaction and dialog with a relative or chosen family who may support with coordinating care and services and acting on behalf of the client. During the initial enrollment process, assessment and development of the care plan this person would engage in the process to ensure the needs of the eligible individual are met.

To enroll in the program, the eligible individual will be required to sign an Informed Consent Form and Authorization to Release Records, to ensure our Social Work Case Manager is able to provide ongoing support with limited barriers. Once the individual is enrolled in the program an assessment will be completed to ensure a care plan is developed that meets the needs of that person. At least once per month – or more based on the individual’s needs – the Social Work Care Manager will connect with the enrolled participant to follow-up and provide support. There is a reassessment completed at 6 months and 1 year.

To get started, contact our Community Resource Specialists to verify eligibility to one of our Care Management Programs at (408) 350-3200, option 1, or use the Contact Us form to email us.