Breaking Technology Barriers for Older Adults

Oct 13, 2021 | Fall 2021, Newsletter

Senior woman enjoying at home and using modern technologyUtilizing smart devices, like tablets can make older adults’ lives better in several ways. Tablets can help magnify text on the screens, allow you to jot down key details to save as reminders, and so much more.

While many older adults do not have the same familiarity with recent technologies as the younger generations who grew up in the computer era, user-friendly technical devices still have many benefits to offer. Sourcewise is offering the Connections, Health, Aging & Technology (CHAT) Program. In partnership with the California Department of Aging, the program provides an iPad tablet for limited time and training. Devices are limited and available while supplies last.

To be eligible for the CHAT Program, you must:

  • Not currently own a tablet
  • Be 60 years of age or older, or
  • Be an informal caregiver (18 or older) of an older adult or an adult with a disability
  • Be a resident of Santa Clara County
  • Live alone

Researchers in a study published in the journal Healthcare (2019) analyzed that many times “frustration” with new technology made older adults unsure of their ability to use it, leaving them unmotivated to even try. By providing the tools needed to use these smart devices efficiently, we can help older adults be able to live fuller lives right from the comfort of their homes by giving them the confidence to use technology to order medication, schedule appointments, and exchange messages with their families.

With the Sourcewise CHAT Program, we can help bridge the technological divide and significantly improve the quality of life for eligible participants.

To learn more about the CHAT Program, call (408) 350-3200, option 1, or email

Download the CHAT Program Flyer