California has one of the highest American Indian populations in the country, with more than 26,000 residents in the Santa Clara Valley.

Indian Health Center (IHC) was established in 1977 to provide health care and medical services for American Indians who were relocated from reservations to cities within California. IHC has grown from a one desk operation in 1977 to a $16.5 million organization in 2014, with 150 employees throughout 8 sites.

IHC has expanded to meet the needs of American Indians and the entire community seeking health and wellness services by offering medical and dental clinics, mental health and substance abuse counseling, health, fitness and a special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children (WIC). Sourcewise is a proud sponsor of the elder care program at IHC.

Liz Hunt, CEO, has been with the Indian Health Center for 10 years. She states,

“We are here to serve the whole community. Anyone can access our services. We are committed to serving the American Indian community. We use traditional healing practices, and integrate western practices as well. We have a multicultural and multilingual staff. We serve all ages and provide holistic, integrated care. Please check our website for more information:

” IHC offers community events featuring elder’s luncheons, comedy jams, and even pow wows. A farmer’s market is offered every other Wednesday, 10-3 p.m. until August 6, at 1333 Meridian, San Jose.

For more information on services provided, contact your Sourcewise Community Resource Specialists: (408) 350-3200, Option 1.