The Indian Health Center (IHC) of Santa Clara County is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit community health clinic that has provided health, medical, and wellness services to all persons regardless of ethnicity since 1977. IHC focuses on empowering and educating the community by enhancing the quality of life, cultural competency, and most importantly offering accessibility to comprehensive care.

At the Indian Health Center, both medical and dental care services are provided to those who have Medi-Cal or selected insurance providers. The organization also accepts clients who do not have health insurance by providing sliding scale costs for care, based on household income. The goal of IHC is to ensure that healthcare is as affordable as possible for those in need.

A warm welcome is always given to visitors at the Wellness Center through the Community Wellness and Outreach Department at IHC. A variety of classes are provided, such as; cooking classes, chair exercise routines, and the Diabetes Prevention Program.

Other programs geared towards the senior population include the Elder Care Program, which offers additional support to isolated and homebound seniors in the community. This program shows support by visiting seniors in their homes, providing transportation to medical appointments, and conducting health screenings. Occasional luncheons are also planned to promote socialization and build relationships with new acquaintances. 

Sourcewise is a proud contributor to IHC as one of our 17 grantees and continues to support this organization as a resource for community members seeking health and medical care options.

If you would like more information about the Indian Health Center, and other health and medical care options available in Santa Clara County, call a Community Resource Specialist of Sourcewise at (408) 350-3200, Option 1.