As an older adult, you have access to an amazing resource for non-profit and community organizations: You! You are a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be highly beneficial to the communities you live in.
As you gear up to enter your golden years, instead of retiring to the couch, think about how the skills, knowledge, and experience you have can help out a local organization. You can be an instrumental factor in helping our communities become better places to live, grow, and have fun.
Volunteering gives you the opportunity to remain active and a contributing member of your community. You could lend your experience or learn new skills to help others, spruce up a garden, volunteer in a school art program, assist the elderly, feed the hungry, or help a veteran. There are many ways to remain active in your community.
Volunteering or working for the community is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and keep your body and brain active and healthy. Help yourself while helping others!
It is important to remain active. Whether volunteering or embarking on a new career, your knowledge and experience can be a welcomed addition to our community.
Interested in an exciting job opportunity or want to put your expertise to work? Talk with our Senior Employment service team and see how your skills could translate into a new and exciting career.
For volunteer opportunities in your community or to learn more about Senior Employment, call Council on Aging Silicon Valley and speak with our Information and Assistance team at 408.350.3200, option 1.