Helping Residents Build Interdependence 

Nov 14, 2023 | Fall 2023, Newsletter

Caregiver comforting seniorSilicon Valley Independent Living Center (SVILC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides individuals people with all types of disabilities, including seniors with disabling conditions residing in Santa Clara County (SCC). All services are community-based and free to anyone seeking services to help further their independence in SCC. SVILC advocates for policies that ensure equal access and opportunity for all.

SVILC is one of twelve Device Lending and Demonstration Centers (DLDC) in California. Some items that can be available to borrow include wheelchair ramps, assistive listening devices, smart speakers and computer aids, accessible kitchenware and eating utensils, adaptive gardening tools, and voice options communication tablets for those with speech disabilities. SVILC also accepts donations of gently used and new durable medical mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs, scooters, and rollator walkers.

SVILC offers their new and improved Caregiver Registry. Their Personal Assistant Services Department locates caregivers that are actively seeking work for private pay or are hired through In-Home Support Services (IHSS). SVILC uses a Quick Match database where clients are able to select their needs, and the database creates unique lists tailored to each individual.

The Information and referral Coordinator at SVILC maintains updated information on community-wide services, programs, and seasonal events happening in SCC. Examples of information they can provide to clients include food pantries and clothing closets, locating benefits enrollment offices, utility payment assistance, and more.

Annually, SVILC directly serves 1,100 individuals with disabilities and provides Information & Referral and Technical Assistance to another 4,000 residents and businesses in SCC.

To learn more about Silicon Valley Independent Living Center, contact (408) 894-9041 or email