Homebound seniors receive handwritten holiday cards from local middle school

San Jose, December 25, 2017: Local middle school students at College Connection Academy created 1,900 handmade holiday cards for seniors receiving Meals on Wheels in Santa Clara County. Holiday cards offering cheerful greetings were included in special November and December holiday meal deliveries for homebound seniors.

“You’re beautiful, You’re one of a kind,” wrote a student in their holiday card.

College Connection Academy students have provided handmade greeting cards to Meals on Wheels participants since 2015, reminding us all that a small gesture can make a big difference.

For homebound seniors who have lost loved ones, or do not have relatives in the area, the holiday season can be lonely. Meals on Wheels provides wellness checks during meal deliveries and offers special meals to commemorate the holidays.

“Kids make the most wonderful cards…It’s a very special gift, and I know that the seniors are touched,” said Mary Orozco, who lead the effort on behalf of Sourcewise. Mary appreciates the partnership with College Connection Academy.

Sourcewise Meals on Wheels administered 674,697 meals in fiscal year 2016-2017 and offers the meals at no mandated cost to eligible seniors other than a suggested contribution of $1.80 per day. No one is denied meals due to inability to pay the suggested contribution.

If you are interested in learning more about Meals on Wheels, call (408) 350-3200, Option 4 or visit www.mysourcewise.com/meals-wheels.

To support this program with a donation of any size visit www.mysourcewise.com/commitment. All donations are gratefully accepted.


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