Meet Susan Thomas – Lead Intake Representative for Senior Employment Services

Susan Thomas is the Lead Intake Representative in the Senior Employment Services Program at Sourcewise. She has assisted clients enrolling in the Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP) at Sourcewise since 2011.

Susan has had the opportunity to get to know many clients in the SCSEP and has learned from their experiences. Clients share how they cope with difficulties and celebrate their accomplishments. Susan meets clients from all walks of life, with varying levels of education, ranging from 7th grade all the way to a Ph. D. Her clients include a former teacher fluent in several languages, and an author of several books who is struggling with homelessness.

Through the Senior Employment Program, Susan has assisted many individuals to maintain a regular work schedule, receive supervised on-the job training, and learn contemporary job skills. This has led to greater socialization and confidence for these senior workers. Eventually, with the increased confidence and job skills received, participants can transition into unsubsidized job opportunities.

Henri Villalovoz, Director of Senior Employment Services, states:

“I can always count on Susan to ensure that all the daily…responsibilities are completed in a very accurate and timely manner. The SCSEP participants and the many community based organization managers and employers continually compliment her for her comprehensive and pleasant responses. She is a treasure and delight to work with.”

To request a presentation from Sourcewise, or to request participation in an event, call our Community Resource Specialists at: (408) 350-3200, Option 1.


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