Collage of seniors on their tablets

Digital Connections

The Digital Connections (DC) Program helps bridge the digital divide gap and mitigates social isolation among seniors. In partnership with the California Department of Aging, the program provides an iPad for a limited time with technical assistance, one-on-one virtual training, and most recently launched in-person training* in April 2024 at various locations across Santa Clara County.

*Please note: in-person training requires clients to travel onsite to the training venues. Training times and locations vary. Please contact our team if you are interested to learn more specific to in-person training  (669) 699-2245 or

What is an iPad?

An iPad is a device that has a screen like a small television.  You can touch the screen to use it like a computer.  You can also use this device to connect with your doctor or loved ones through its camera and speaker. With a touch of the screen you will be able to stay informed and connected to the community. The iPads loaned come with a data plan for the duration of the program, which allows individuals to connect to the internet. Devices are limited and available while supplies last.

Who We Serve

The program serves seniors ages 60 or older who live alone and who lack access to technology, the internet, and the skills to use it safely. Services are free and provided virtually so participants can learn from the safety of their home. Training and support offered in these languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

DC Program Eligibility:

  • Lives alone
  • Resident of Santa Clara County
  • Does not currently own a tablet device
  • 60 years of age or older
  • Or an informal caregiver to an older adult aged 60+ or adult 18+ with a disability

Let’s Get Started

The application process begins with the submission of an interest form. Upon evaluation of the information and validation of eligibility, you will be contacted by a member of our Digital Inclusion Team to complete the program acknowledgment form.

This program is also open to caregivers but will prioritize caregivers that fit the other eligibility requirements. If you’re a caregiver and would like a tablet for someone you care for (older adult 60+ years), we recommend completing the interest form together to confirm they consent to the program enrollment and requirements. Contact us if you have questions or comments.

Complete the Digital Connections Interest Form now

If you are interested in the program, please complete the interest form by clicking “Get Started” below. If you require translation assistance or would rather fill out the survey over the phone with the help of a coordinator, please call (669) 699-2245 or email us at

*The interest form is also offered in Mandarin, Spanish, and Vietnamese which can be done by clicking on the English icon on the top right and selecting from drop-down options.*


What are some ways I can use the iPad?
  • Connect to the internet
  • Browse the web
  • Video chat with family, friends, and your doctor
  • Set appointment and medication reminders
  • Take photos and record videos
  • Create and manage an extensive library of videos, still images, and music
  • Read ebooks
  • The iPad’s touchscreen supports shortcuts such as pinch to zoom
  • Take notes and add a checklist
  • See worldwide local time in different time zones
  • Talk to Siri, a voice-activated assistant
  • Watch videos or relax with soothing sounds on YouTube
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Participate in virtual educational workshops
What are some apps preloaded on the iPad?
  • Security: IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Manager Client & Lookout Mobile Security​
  • Social & Entertainment: Libby, YouTube, Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Google Meet
  • Support: AnyDesk Remote Desktop Easy Tablet Help for Seniors
Can I set reminders on iPad?
  • In the Reminders app ,  you can easily create and organize reminders to keep track of all of life’s to-dos. Use it for shopping lists, projects at work, tasks around the house, and anything else you want to track. Create subtasks, set flags, add attachments, and choose when and where to receive reminders. You can also use smart lists to automatically organize your reminders.

Not sure where to begin?

Email us at or call (669) 699-2245, option 2. We are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding national holidays.