Senior Nutrition Program

Sourcewise administers the Meals on Wheels program in partnership with the Santa Clara County Senior Nutrition Program and the Meals on Wheels Home-Delivered Meals program. The service is available to homebound Santa Clara County residents, age 60 years and older, who are unable to purchase or cook meals.

The menu includes seven breakfast meals and frozen lunch or dinner entrees, milk, and fresh fruit. Menu items vary, and meet one-third of the daily nutritional requirement for seniors. Some meals are microwavable. A new applicant is assessed by a nutrition coordinator over the telephone. To be eligible for Meals on Wheels, a candidate must be: age 60 or older, living alone (or with a spouse), in frail health, and unable to shop or prepare meals regularly. The spouse of an eligible person is also eligible, regardless of age.

There is no mandated cost for the program. However, a contribution of $1.80 per day is encouraged. No one is denied meals if they are unable to pay the suggested contribution.

Diane, Lead Nutrition Coordinator at Sourcewise, recently shared a personal experience. While on a visit to a clients’ home, Diane realized the couple had met her own parents, back in 1954. Diane’s mother was the star female singer in a popular show. The couple gave her a DVD copy of the show, starring her mother. Diane stated, “I was thrilled I got a little piece of my mom back!”

Sourcewise is dedicated to helping seniors with their health and life options.

For more information or to apply for our Meals on Wheels program at Sourcewise, please call (408) 350-3200, option 4.

Leave your name, phone number, and a brief message, and a nutrition coordinator will return the call within one business day.


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