As the holiday season approaches and our families gather to celebrate, we have an opportunity to check on our senior loved ones. Being alert to behavior changes with our loved ones is the first step in addressing a need for help.

Here are some signs our loved ones may need extra help:

Changes in housekeeping patterns: Changing in housekeeping can signal a need for help. Burned pots and dirty dishes in the kitchen or mildew stains in the bath may be a flag indicating forgetfulness.

Financial neglect: Are unpaid bills stacking up along with the forgotten mail?

Weight change: Are you noticing weight loss? This may be a sign of skipped meals, as cooking becomes a chore.

Poor hygiene: Are they wearing inappropriate clothing for the season or wearing the same thing each day? Do you notice changes in bathing and grooming?

Forgetfulness: Are they forgetting appointments, names, and daily tasks?

General unusual behavior: Have you noticed odd conversations, medication mistakes, phone calls at odd hours, or unusual fear and nervousness?

Driving mishaps: Have you noticed more dents and scratches on their car?

If it’s time to take action, Sourcewise can offer assistance by connecting you with quality support services. Speak with our Community Resource Specialists at (408) 350-3200, option 1.