Socialize, Volunteer, and Exercise at Local Senior Centers

Over 15,000 senior centers are available nationally, according to the California Commission on Aging (, and over 30 centers are accessible in Santa Clara County. Senior centers offer an array of activities to keep members actively engaged, happy, and healthy.
Sourcewise proudly contributes to the Sunnyvale Senior Center and Cupertino Senior Center where socialization, education, and exercise options are offered for interested seniors. At these locations, adults, 50 years and older, will have the opportunity to meet new friends; learn new skills; exercise; and even help fellow community members through volunteer programs. 
Classes provide instruction on art, computers, and exercise. Social activities are available and foster healthy and supportive relationships. 
Members also have volunteering opportunities for various activities, including keeping the community clean; assisting as a day trip escort; and helping with the lunch program. Classes and opportunities for volunteering are available for all members of senior centers. At each center, you can choose a membership option that fits your lifestyle. 
Don’t miss out on adventures with the Sunnyvale Senior Center. Your membership is your ticket to a variety of classes, drop-in programs, dances, day trips, and the Billiard and Fitness Rooms. 
The Cupertino Senior Center strives to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, encouraging a healthy lifestyle through quality education, recreation, travel, social events, and volunteer opportunities. 
Become involved in your community by contacting your local senior center! You will find fun activities, new friends, and a deepened sense of community spirit. Perhaps you can start a new year’s resolution a little early this year. 
For more information about the programs and services offered by these senior centers and other resources throughout Santa Clara County, contact a Community Resource Specialist of Sourcewise at: (408) 350-3200, option 1.


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