Sourcewise Awards $2.7 Million to Support Santa Clara County’s Most Vulnerable

Sourcewise announces $2.7 million in grants to local non-profit organizations that provide services to vulnerable Santa Clara County community members: low-income seniors; persons with disabilities; and their caregivers.

Twenty-two grants were awarded in the areas of Adult Day Care/Health, Case Management, Legal Assistance, Transportation, Nutrition, Disease Prevention & Health Promotion, Elder Abuse Prevention, and the Ombudsman Program. This marks year 44 of the grant program, which focuses on a streamlined approach to service and support systems.

“At Sourcewise, we work with our grantees to maintain and enhance services that are critical to the lives of our client demographic— a rapidly growing group which is projected to account for 25% of our county’s population by 2030,” explains Stephen Schmoll, Chief Executive Officer of Sourcewise.

The Sourcewise 2016–2020 Area Plan on Aging highlights priorities for the next four years, based on a comprehensive needs assessment. Sourcewise lists 2017-2018 grantees and makes the Area Plan available to the public on the Sourcewise website:

“We are confident that the 2017–2018 Sourcewise grantees will help strengthen and support quality of life in our community by providing access to services that support independent living.” said Manuel Altamirano, Chief Operating Office of Sourcewise.

Sourcewise is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is primarily funded through federal support by the Older American’s Act. The Sourcewise mission is to provide adults and their caregivers the tools and services they need to effectively navigate their health and life options.

Support the programs of Sourcewise with an online donation:


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