As the end of the year is coming closer and we look back on 2022, one thing that stands out is the dedicated volunteers who contributed their time and energy to the different programs and initiatives with Sourcewise. At both offsite and onsite events, volunteers jumped in and hit the ground running, doing everything from making weekly wellness calls, stuffing mailers, handwriting holiday cards, assembling furniture, putting together PPE packages, and participating in our pilot Home Beautification Program. Sourcewise hosted a mixture of corporate events, student volunteer events, as well as the first in-person Volunteer Appreciation Event in October.

Each event fell within a larger program or initiative hosted by Sourcewise.  Here is a list of this year’s program superlatives:

  • Most Consistent – The Sourcewise Ambassador Program: Whether it was a few minutes or an hour, the 1000+ calls performed by our Sourcewise Ambassadors brightened the days of many seniors here in Santa Clara County. One particularly memorable moment was during the heatwave in early September. When Brenna Stanton, Sourcewise Volunteer Coordinator, put out a message asking for emergency heatwave wellness callers, volunteers immediately came forward and took on extensive call lists to check in on seniors who were affected by the heatwave.
  • Most Full of Holiday Cheer – Seasonal Card Drives: To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Older Americans Month, Thanksgiving, and General Winter Holidays, our volunteers wrote and decorated thousands of cards. For many homebound seniors, the holidays can be especially lonely. A card with a positive message can do a lot to uplift a senior’s spirit.
  • Most Industrious – Sorting and Assembly Projects: These projects revolve around sorting and assembling critical supplies to support the older adults in our community. Projects include PPE sorting, assembling First Aid kits, collating materials, and even occasionally putting together furniture. These projects are always changing to reflect the current needs of the organization and the most pressing needs of seniors.
  • Most New – Pilot Beautification and Intergenerational Activities Program: This past summer, volunteers from a Morgan Hill church helped with a home cleanup for a senior in need in South County. This program, while still in the pilot stages, aims to assist seniors with basic home maintenance in one or two volunteer sessions. Since the program kick-off, Sourcewise has helped an additional two seniors by performing full home cleanings and making small modifications to their homes.

If you are interested in getting involved with Sourcewise next year as a volunteer or student intern, email