Supportive Services to Maintain Independence

At Sourcewise, our goal is to provide individuals with the most helpful resources, while considering each person’s unique needs. For those with disabilities, supportive services may provide the ability to continue living independently. Exploring options with an experienced counselor can be beneficial. With this in mind, our database includes organizations with missions aiming to help individuals with disabilities to access the services that will enhance their lives.

Three organizations that are devoted to assisting people with disabilities in Santa Clara County are: Silicon Valley Independent Living Center, San Andreas Regional Center, and Hope Services.

Silicon Valley Independent Living Center (SVILC) provides the tools and resources needed for people with disabilities to live interdependently; advocating for policies that ensure equal access and opportunity for all. Providing information & referral, peer support, independent living skills training, and a host of other programs and resources; SVILC fosters independence.

San Andreas Regional Center (SARC) serves people with developmental disabilities. After an intake process determines eligibility, a person-centered wellness plan is created for each client. There is no charge for diagnosis and assessment. SARC helps eligible consumers to access social service agencies and public service programs, enabling individuals to get the support they need.

Hope Services has provided services to people with developmental disabilities in Silicon Valley for over 62 years. Offering programs for employment, job training, counseling, adult day programs, and more, Hope continues to further the ability of those with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible.

For more information on resources available in Santa Clara County, please contact a Community Resource Specialist of Sourcewise: (408) 350-3200, option 1.


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