Note: Elizabeth Barksdale is an Information and Assistance specialist at Council on Aging Silicon Valley and is our internal resource development and messaging project leader. The views or opinions below are solely those of the writer.


Recently I was made aware that Foothill College discontinued their gerontology program, a previous option for students seeking degrees. The termination of the program was due to budget cuts. In the current economy, “budget cuts” is unfortunately a frequently used phrase.

In difficult economic times, we need to weigh the necessity of programs to ensure that the most vulnerable and those with the greatest economic need have access to the services they need. Seniors are among those whom we as a society need to ensure have access to a vast network of services.

With many of the recent cuts to services offered, many seniors are overwhelmed by the perceived lack of choices. With many seniors and their caregivers already facing obstacles related to the current economy, reading the latest news can be difficult.

With the baby boomers rapidly entering their golden years, the senior population is growing and the need for services and resources will only expand. A dedicated and well educated network of aging experts is a necessity to ensure that seniors and caregivers get the help they need.

Through informed professionals in the aging community and education on the services available, we can empower the aging community. As our population over age 65 expands, we need to remain dedicated and ready to help educate, prepare and support seniors and caregivers.

While it is unfortunate that Foothill College has cut their gerontology program, I am happy to say that he Council on Aging Silicon Valley remains available to help seniors and caregivers in Santa Clara County.

It is a difficult time for many older adults and the Council on Aging Silicon Valley remains a resource for you. Whether you need assistance finding respite options, navigating the Medicare maze, or locating other services, the Council on Aging Silicon Valley is here to provide you with the tools and services you need to age well at home.

Dial (408)350-3200, option 1, to speak with a team of highly knowledgeable professionals who can connect you to the resources and information available to you.