Your California Senior Legislature

In 1980, the State Legislature requested that the California Commission on Aging develop a forum through which older Californians could share their legislative priorities. As a result of this action, the California Senior Legislature (CSL) was established in 1981.

Sourcewise Advisory Council Vice-Chair Connie Langford is proud to serve as a CSL Senior Senator. As Ms. Langford notes, “The mission of the California Senior Legislature is to help preserve and enhance the quality of life for older Californians and their families.”

The CSL is a nonpartisan, volunteer organization made up of 120 members who are elected by their peers (persons 60 years of age and older) to represent seniors throughout the state. Members hear testimonies, debate issues, and cast votes on up to 120 legislative proposals. The efforts of the CSL can only continue with contributions from California residents.

As Ms. Langford comments, “Few people know that we exist. Because we depend on the generosity of private donors for our very survival, CSL is funded by the California Fund for Senior Citizens, identified as code 402 on the State Income Tax Form 540.”

Sourcewise CEO Stephen Schmoll holds the CSL in high regard commenting, “Sourcewise, previously Council on Aging Silicon Valley, has proudly supported efforts of the California Senior Legislature since its inception. The dedication of those volunteering their time to ensure aging issues receive attention at the state level truly makes a difference in the lives of older residents of Santa Clara County.”

Sourcewise is dedicated to helping seniors with their health and life options. For more information, call our Community Resource Specialists: (408) 350-3200, option 1.


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